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What Makes Us Different?

Whether you have had a Work Injury, Auto or Sports Injury, We have the experience and expertise to help you get back to your life.

We want you to have a terrific experience every time you come to Liberty. So, we do things to make sure of it!


You will see the same Physical Therapist every visit. If one of our Physical Therapists has to be out on vacation, we will ask you if you wish to see another while your Physical Therapist is out. We think it is important for you to see "your therapist"; the one who knows you and knows your condition. We want your experience to be more personal.


We will spend more time with you. We know it takes time to heal. It takes even more time to rehabilitate a person's strength, flexibility and endurance. We respect that and walk hand in hand through the process of treating your injuries.


We offer Board Certified Specialists to care for you. That means you can choose the most experienced Physical Therapist for your condition. We have Certified Hand Therapists as well as Board Certified Specialists in Orthopaedic Physical Therapy. We have Therapists with years of experience in treating Work Injuries, Sports Injuries and Neuromuscular disorders. We know when someone in your family gets hurt, you want the therapist treating them to be the one who "does this all the time". That's what you get at Liberty.


We offer a friendly, comfortable atmosphere. We know therapy can be painful. So, we try to make your time with us as comfortable as possible. We answer your questions and work closely with your doctor's office to ensure you get the highest quality care.




 Liberty Staff Train with St Louis Cardinals     

It was January, the coldest part of winter and the Physical Therapists from Liberty Rehab were standing behind home plate in the New Busch Stadium, home of the St Louis Cardinals attending a conference on treatment for sports injuries.

Ben Waide, Jason Myers, Allen Holmes and Stephanie Crawford all took part in the training which focused on Injury Prevention and treatment of injuries common in baseball. The conference was lead by the Head Team Physician Dr. George A. Palletta Jr.

Our staff also recieved personal instruction in pitching mechanics from Cardinal Pitcher Brad Thompson (pictured on left in the Cardinals underground complex). Thompson, who has come back from an injury related how he wished he had spent more time conditioning and working with a Physical Therapist when he was younger. He explained his work out regimen and specifically his Physical Therapy exercises he now performs regularly in order to extend the life of his pitching arm. He spoke frankly and recommended any athlete who has pain should find a Physical Therapist he trusts and stick with them long term to fully resolve any symptoms.




Liberty Therapists attend Vanderbilt Hand Conference

Vanderbilt University held a conference in the spring of 2008 for the purpose of training Surgeons, Therapists and Nurses in the most up to date techniques and procedures in Hand and Upper Extremity Surgery. Ben Waide, Allen Holmes and Stephanie Crawford attended with Dr James Donley (who is pictured here showing Waide, Crawford and other physicians the surgical approach to the shoulder).

Multiple Implant companies provided the latest in surgical hardware for the attending professionals to see and have "hands on" experience with. All professionals got a chance to practice using the latest equipment.

This is the second year in a row that the Liberty Staff has attended the conference ensuring they stay current on the most up to date techniques in Hand and Upper Extremity Surgery.













Allen Holmes Leads the Baseball Coaches Conference


As winter became spring this year, local baseball coaches were getting ready for youth league sports. High School coaches were supervising very cold early spring games and the Therapists of Liberty Rehab were hosting a Baseball Coaches Conference at the YMCA.

Allen Holmes served as lead instructor at the meeting which focused on the Mechanics of Throwing, Injury Prevention and Proper Nutrition. Videos were used to illustrate correct throwing mechanics and spur discussion in the group.

Attendees also went from station to station for table presentations on Injury prevention and proper diet for young athletes. One table was set up with a variety of soft drinks and sports drinks to illustrate which had the most sugar and caffeine. Advise was given on just which ones should be given to our kids and how they might be dilluted.

As a result of the meeting, the Therapists at Liberty wrote and published a Baseball Strength and Conditioning Manual to illustrate the information delivered at the meeting. This manual may be downloaded free from this page in PDF format.

This manual includes information aquired at the St Louis Cardinals Sports Medicine Conference in January 2008 pertaining to sports injuries, throwing programs and proper nutrition.




Dakoda benefits from Custom Orthotics


When Dakoda Garrett broke his upper arm, the jagged edges injured his nerve. He couldn't lift his wrist or fingers. His doctor repaired the fracture and sent him straight to Liberty.

The Certified Hand Therapists at Liberty worked with his doctor and carefully evaluated his arm and hand.

A Custom Orthotic (or splint) was made to support the wrist and fingers and he was given instructions on how to protect the doctor's repair. The splint was large and white compared to his arm. We nicknamed it the USS Enterprise.

After weeks of healing and several Physical Therapy visits, he regained the ability to move his wrist and fingers.

Today he is a normal kid at school





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